May. 7th, 2012

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My good friend Wolfe-- [ profile] greyeagle2007 on LJ-- runs a marvelous little curio shop in East Texas with his partner.  They sell a plethora of unique items, candles, antiques, and handmade crafts and jewelry.  This is the sort of shop you always think belongs in a mystical urban fantasy, a little half-hidden building that hovers somewhere between this world and the next, trembling with magic.  And it's about to go out of business.

You see, their air conditioner broke down some time ago, and their landlord refuses to fix it.  They lost over $6000 in merchandise last summer due to the excessive Texas heat.  They're expecting the same this year if they can't get it repaired.  

So, they've been setting up a couple of things to try to help fund a replacement a/c unit, or to fix the old one. 

They're going to hold a gathering and silent auction at their shop on May 26th.  

But Wolfe has also begun a campaign on indiegogo to help pay for the unit.  There are perks-- handmade jewelry.  

So go take a look at the campaign and their shop site, and do help spread the word or contribute if you're so inclined!  Also be aware that they take online orders from their web site.  Feel free to browse; you might find something perfectly suited to yourself or someone you love!

A/C Fundraiser Site

Mammie's Country Candles Home Page


May. 7th, 2012 12:24 pm
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It's been a whirlwind few weeks.  

I don't remember off hand what my last update consisted of, except that I had spoken of leaving Texas to return to California.  Well, it's all settled, and I will be on the plane tomorrow.

I am excited and a touch nervous.  

I have two portraits to complete.  I just haven't gotten to them in the rush to pack up everything and get them ready to go.  I will be getting to them as I have time, but they *will* get done, as will the handful of promised color pieces I have in the works.  I'll be working full time, and probably overtime, over the summer, so things may be extremely slow in the art department.  But I'll get it all done.

Once I've caught up, though, I'm going on a bit of an artistic hiatus.  That doesn't mean I'm going to stop doing artwork altogether; I'm just going to let it take a bit of a back burner.  I may play with fan art in this time-- it'll help keep my skills up to date.  

In the autumn, work slows to part time (at least in my experience), and in that time I'm going to shift focus back to the artwork.  And I have some plans to implement as well-- for instance, I'm going to be offering book illustration specials, both black and white and color.    I may also hold the occasional Free Sketch Day, though I won't be able to do that regularly.

I am absolutely not going to abandon this blog for any extended period of time, though.  If I've got art to share, I'll share it.  If not, I'll write updates or other entries.  I might be able to do a bit of creative introspection writing, as I used to do.  I will also do regular signal boosting as things catch my attention.

It's going to be a challenge, juggling life and work at a resort with art and crowdfunding, but I am determined.  


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