Oct. 23rd, 2012

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Good morning, friends list, visitors, and lurkers!

After some time away, I've returned to pick up some recurring crowdfunded projects again. 

It is Tuesday, which means that it is the new weekly $5 Sketch Day that I will be hosting on this blog. So, come on in, make yourselves comfortable, and leave your one word prompts.

1)  For $5, I will create a sketch for every prompt left.

2)  For $8, I will create two sketches. 

3)  The first three prompts will be free.

4)  Every person who leaves five linkbacks (via LiveJournal, Facebook, Tumblr, etc) will get a free sketch in addition to the one paid for.  And yes, if you are one of the first three to leave a prompt and also give linkbacks, you'll get two sketches for free! 

5)  Paid sketches from US-based prompters will also receive a free mini-print (4x6) of the sketch in the mail (be sure to PM me with your contact details if you want the print!  Sorry, this only applies to prompters in the US.  Shipping costs are too heavy outside of the country.).  

I'll stop taking requests at 5 p.m. CST; at that point I'll start screening comments for this post. Also, please allow time for me to get to your prompt, especially if there are a lot of prompters. I will make every effort to get to all of the prompts today; barring that, tomorrow. Again, it depends on how many prompts I receive. 

Please, no fan art requests, due to legal concerns.

Previously, I held weekly Free Sketch Days on this blog.  I can no longer afford the time and energy to create a large number of prompted sketches for free on a weekly basis, but that's not to say that I won't periodically hold a Free Sketch event, where I take a handful prompts for a few hours every now and again.  Be sure to stay tuned for those events!  
$5 Sketch Day

Some sketches from previous Sketch Days.


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