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Hello, friends!  

So, I know it's been awhile since I've posted artwork here, so I thought I'd post a few of the character portraits I've completed.

I have two left, but here are the four I've completed so far. You guys know the drill in how to enlarge. :)

[ profile] timelord1's Maeve Kennock, [ profile] dulcinbradbury's Aileann, [ profile] just_the_ash's Moraiwe and Angamarth (a special order), and [ profile] timelord1's Roghrid.

I also started a new painting to try to coax my muse out of hiding. Well, it's sort of a new painting-- this is actually a redo of an older piece that I never finished.  I call it Masquerade.  I'm using more of a color-sculpting technique for this one, rather than using a tight line drawing and building on that.  Keep in mind that this is VERY rough still, just blocking in basic colors and shapes.  This painting has now gone through three re-works.  It started off similar to this, with her standing in a maze of arches, in the water.  I then moved her into open ocean, with the ruins of an arch in the background.  But I think I like the more claustrophobic feel of having her standing within the architecture.  I also changed the color scheme a little-- she was wearing a purple gown before, but it blended too much into the indigo/violet shades of the background.  And I changed her pose.  She will still be standing in seawater, and the mask will be weeping.  No clue how long this one will take me, as other projects will take priority, but it'll make a good warmup piece to work on at the beginning of art-days.


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