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I've been getting myself back into the game artistically since getting back to Texas.  I have yet to dip back into the crowdfunding, though, and I'm afraid it has more to do with a lack of confidence than a lack of desire or need.  

I desperately need to raise prices, because I need the money--especially after the insane number of medical bills I have incurred and am still incurring--but I'm afraid I'm going to shoot myself in the foot by doing so.  I have tentative plans.  For one, I'm considering hosting weekly $5 Sketch Days, rather than Free Sketch Days, but taking the first five prompts for free.  Detailed black and white drawings will ordinarily go for $50 and up, depending on complexity, and Discounted Character Portrait Days will be re-instated on a periodic basis at $30 per portrait.  I'll also offer story illustration, both black and white and color, for $50 and up.

I have to remind myself that even these prices are very low for a professional, but I still have this nagging voice in the back of my head that tells me my work isn't good enough to charge that much, that no one will want to pay that much.  It's a voice that I'm determined to ignore.  

I hope to be delving back into the crowdfunding sometime this coming week.  I may test the waters with a $5 Sketch Day.

But anyway!  I also come bearing artwork.  Paintings and fan art sketches.  As always, click for larger.

Ghostlight.  This is for sale as a print Here.

Woman of the Mists.  This is for sale as a print Here.

Dean Winchester from Supernatural.

The Eleventh Doctor, from Doctor Who 


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