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"Frozen" is now complete!

Tomorrow, I will be uploading to Zazzle so I can send out photo prints to people who contributed to this project.  I will also upload it to ImageKind, so it will be available on a variety of professional-quality prints as well, including canvas prints.  

I'm going to post a small, watermarked thumbnail version and a larger detail clip.  The image is half-funded; another $20 will completely fund the piece, at which point I will make the full size, full resolution file available for everyone to download for printing, desktop use, what have you.  Contributors also get a complimentary mini photo print from Zazzle if they so wish.

Thank you to everyone for your support and enthusiasm!

large detail crop below cut. )

To contribute to this project, click the Tip Jar icon.

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"Frozen" is now inked!  

This project is half funded.  Another $20 will fund the colorization.  All donors will receive a full sized image link of the final piece whether the piece is fully funded or not, as well as a 6x4 photo print from Zazzle if they choose to opt in for it.  

Click the image to see a larger size.  Click here for a full sized inked image:

Click the Tip Jar icon if you would like to contribute to this project. Please remember to give your LJ username and specify that you're helping to fund "Frozen" so I know who contributed and to what.  Also, if you would like one of the prints mentioned above as a donor perk, please PM me to let me know where to send it.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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The lineart is complete for "Frozen!"

Crowdfunding contributions currently stand at $18.  Just $2 more will fund the digital inking.  Another $20 after that will fully fund the project.

Thank you for everyone who is participating! For the landing page of this project, look here.  

Click the image for a larger size.  And here is a link to the full-size, full resolution image.


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