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It's been a very productive week, with three character portraits completed, fourteen sketches for Free Sketch Day, and two crowdfunding projects and a prize drawing illustration started.

Character Portraits:

From left to right (from the last two weeks):  [ profile] timelord1's Rowenne Kennock and Jaerus, [ profile] ellenmillion's Torn World character Ivarra, [ profile] timelord1's creature the Uilebheist, and [ profile] just_the_ash's character Angamarth.


Prize Drawing Illustration:

I completed the line art for [ profile] minor_architect's prize drawing illustration.  I'm calling this one Firespirit. (Note: nudity, so full size sketch is not work safe!)

Crowdfunded pieces:

Blocked in the flat colors over the sketch for the waterfall painting, as yet untitled.

And completed the line art for Trickster.

Remember, the waterfall painting and "Trickster" are open for crowdfunding!  Contribute to whichever one you like by clicking the "Tip Jar" icon.  Be sure to specify what you want tips to go toward, and let me know what your LJ ID is so I can keep track of everyone and send out perks when they're ready.

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I've come for a fly-by post to let you all know that my recent digital painting, Alight with Serenity, is now available as a print on ImageKind.  Pricing starts at $9.49.  

Also, be watching Amyla's Designs on Zazzle, because it will also be for sale there (under the Nature category) when it is approved.

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I stayed up till one thirty this morning to finish it, but my mother's lighthouse painting, her Christmas gift, is complete!  Click for larger size.


Dec. 17th, 2011 12:06 pm
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So, it's Saturday, which means Errand Day.  I'll be running all over creation today.  I really just want to paint.

I've been working on Christmas presents for the family.  I finished my dad's last week-- the Star Trek poster.  Yesterday, I started work on my mother's.

Here's a preview of it-- it'll be done in the next few days, hopefully.  If I have time today, I'll be working on the rocks.  This is being digitally painted in Gimp.  It's not my usual subject matter, but I'm having fun with it!


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