Jan. 4th, 2012

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Eep!  Too much going on in this household lately-- I completely forgot to post the Sketch Day Prompts last night.

So, posting them now!

Several large sketches under cut )

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Good morning, friends list!

Today, I am going to begin a new weekly event, which will be held two days a week in addition to my once-weekly Free Sketch Days.

$5 Character Portrait Days

 Have an original role playing character, or an original fiction character that you would like to see realized in a drawing?  

Each week on Wednesday and Thursday, I will open up for black and white character portrait commissions.  These will be head-and-shoulders portrait sketch-drawings, as pictured below.

How to put in your request for your $5 Character Portrait:

1)  Comment on this entry with:

   a) The Name of your character

   b)  Physical characteristics-- be as detailed as possible.  Relative build, hair and eye shade  (the image will be black and white, but it helps to know how light or dark to make various features), general shape of face, clothing choices, tattoos, any other defining characteristics will help.   

   c)  Some key personality traits.  Is he/she confident, vengeful, excitable, angsty, noble,     courageous?  This will help with facial expression and pose.
    d)  Please specify whether you will be okay with me posting your character drawing to a compilation entry on my blog, or using it as examples for future $5 Character Portrait Days.  No hard feelings if you don't; I just would rather know.  :)
   e)  Specify if you would like the character's name on the art.

   f)  Any other comments or details you can think of.

Please note:  I cannot take paid commissions of previously copyrighted material from television, movies, books, etc.  Please be sure any request you make is for characters who belong to you!

2)  I'll create the art and send it to you in a PM on Live Journal.  If you have your message options set to off, please give me an alternate email so I can send you the art.  Also, please be aware that these images will be more rendered than the sketches I create for Free Sketch Day, so it will take a bit longer to complete them, especially if I have several in queue.  I promise that I will get to each and every one of you who comments with a request, though.

3)  There will be a pre-set "Buy Now" PayPal button at the bottom of this entry for payment.  Each portrait is $5. 

And, that's about it!  Have at it!

An example-- click to enlarge.

Note:  Please also bear in mind that I'm currently caring for an Alzheimer's patient who needs constant supervision and frequent hands-on care while creating artwork, so turnaround time will be slower than normal.  I'll attempt to get to everyone's artwork by the end of this week.


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