Jan. 8th, 2012

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Sometimes urban life just seems to seep all the magic from life.  It's such a contrast to living in a California forest where the trees loom into the sky like creatures from a faery tale, where the granite cliffs shimmer golden in the moonlight.  Here, there is concrete and metal and burning rubber.  Here, twisted steel and glass monoliths spring from the earth to cast shadows in crisscrossing inks spiderwebbing the roads below.  Here, old houses tremble and sigh with memories as paint flakes and wood creaks.  

Here, the magic lurks in the dancing shadows between alleys, in the brilliant green flash of leaf that tears defiant through concrete.  Here, you see from the corner of your eye as it laughs and flits and spins an erratic, primal dance that tugs at some long forgotten genetic memory.  Here, it touches your dreams in ephemeral splashes of color that fly beyond human sight.

I'm reaching for my muse again.  She's there, see?  Right there!  Just out of sight, unless you walk sideways and gaze with the peripheral.  
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So, today has been a mad rush back and forth interspersed with bouts of stress and frustration that I sought to mellow during my brief moments to myself by watching far too many Emilie Autumn videos on Youtube.  *laughs*  I am finally finding alone time for more than a few minutes, and am drinking my chai tea, and still listening to Emilie on my player.  (She's quite addictive.)

My grandmother has healed up enough to be able to walk with a walker, part of the time, so that'll make it easier.  She still needs to be supervised to make certain she doesn't fall, but it seems we're through the worst of it.  Hopefully that will mean that we all will have more time to work on our respective projects and such.  

I have one more character portrait to do.  I am going to start on it tonight once I've calmed somewhat; I meant to start it earlier but I was too stressed and that is NEVER a good thing when I sit down to do art.  I just end up crashing my program, or finding my Wacom suddenly decided to stop working, or the computer turns itself off or starts stalling, or some other completely random and unrelated thing that always seems to accompany and thus exacerbate stress.  Don't you love how that happens?

So, if all goes well, this week will have Free Sketch Day on Tuesday, and $5 Character Portrait Days on Wednesday and Thursday.  Hopefully I will have more sequential hours to put towards these things than I have for the last few weeks.  And I still have to complete the art for last month's Prize Drawing.  Also, once I've finished this last portrait drawing, I'll post all of them in a compilation, probably tomorrow sometime.

Ah, I'm finally starting to mellow out a bit.  Good.


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