Mar. 5th, 2012

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Good Monday morning, all.  How is everyone?

After some thought, I've decided that Free Sketch Days will be a bi-weekly event.  I just need certain weeks to play catch-up, and now especially that it's a two-day event, I'm getting behind on other things.  So, Free Sketch Days will be next week on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Be sure to make a note of it and tell your friends!  

This week is going to be dedicated to catching up on the numerous projects I have in production.  I'm going to update my backlog list and post it later today to get a feel of what I need to focus on, and make goal sets for each day so I can be all productive and stuff.  And I'll be posting updates of the crowdfunding pieces, and the prize drawing piece, as I'm able.  I also have a decent handful of character portraits in production that I may post progress images on. 

I just downloaded some day planner software.  Assuming it works, maybe it'll help me keep things more organized.  Who knows?

But anyway, do stay tuned for update posts and various stages of artwork!
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This is my current backlog list, as of 3/5/12.

(In order of request)
1) [ profile] timelord1: Maeve Kennock 
2) [ profile] just_the_ash:  Moraiwë and Angamarth/double portrait
3) [ profile] timelord1:  Roghrid
4)[ profile] timelord1: Raichior
5)[ profile] erigeneia:  Naia
6)[ profile] dulcinbradbury:  Aileann


EDIT:  "Starcrossed" is now complete, but is still open for crowdfunding!  Go to the link provided to see a preview and help to fund the project for release (full size and high resolution) to the public.

1)  Color character illustration for Portrait Adoption. (Not showing because I am very dissatisfied with it right now)
2)  Prize Drawing Winner Artwork (for [ profile] minor_architect)

Meh.  I've been rather lax with the crowdfunded pieces.  Might devote a day or two this week to focus on them.

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So, I'd been procrastinating on "Starcrossed" because, well, I was working on other things and it was really promising to be a quick project.  

I decided to go ahead and finish it up tonight.  It's not really a digital-ink-and-color piece, but I'm offering it for $40 anyway since it was a very quick digital painting.  

Here's a small, watermarked preview.  If it is fully funded, it will be released to the general public as a free, full size, high resolution download.  Any contributors will also receive a download, and U.S. contributors who contribute $3 and over will receive a complimentary print (size depends on contribution amount).

Funding currently stands at $4 of $40.

If you would like to contribute to this project, please click the "Tip Jar" icon below, which will take you to PayPal.


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