Apr. 6th, 2012

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As most of you who follow this blog are aware, I've been living with my family for the past couple of years in order to help caretake full time for my grandmother, who has Alzheimer's disease.  It's been insanely stressful, and not only because of the caretaking duty.  I haven't spoken publicly about my family, and I hesitate to do so here, but I will say that this household has been the cause of a large amount of stress.  

I've put a lot of thought into whether I should stay or go.  Any way you look at it, it's not an easy decision to make.  I will say that some of the issues I've had with my family (not my grandmother's condition) are the primary reason that I've finally decided.  It's necessary, for my own mental health and well-being.  I've been verging on a total emotional collapse for longer than I'd like to admit, and I need to get away for my sanity's sake.

So, I'll be, if all goes well, returning to California to live and work where I did before I came here.  The place wasn't perfect by any means, but it became home after living there on and off for several years.

That means that I'll once again be working a full time paid job.  Well, I should say, a part-to-full-time job, as hours vary-- it's a resort, and like most resorts, has busy seasons and slow seasons.  This does not mean that I'm giving up on the artwork in any way, shape, or fashion.  I will continue taking commissions and creating crowdfunded pieces.  I will likely not be able to do Free Sketch Day on a regular basis, but I might be able to set aside a day every now and again to gather prompt requests and work on them over a period of time.  The internet at the resort is... less than reliable, and has limited bandwidth, but it resets once a week.  I'll post updates and such on those days.  

That being said, though, I may need a small break from the art while I get acclimated to Cali again.  A week or two in which I can just be, disappearing into the forest and remembering who I am.  Because I've sort of forgotten.

I still have five portraits to complete, which I will do before I leave.  I've nearly completed the big double-character half-body portrait; just needs a few finishing touches which I will put in today.  The others are all normal head-and-shoulders pieces, so they shouldn't take quite as long.

I've been slipping back and forth between feelings of guilt and immense relief over my decision to leave.

The manager of the resort is out this week, but I will call him up at the beginning of next week and hopefully have a date set for return. 


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