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2012-10-30 10:00 am

$5 Sketch Day

Today's $5 Sketch Day is now closed.  Thanks for participating!

Good morning friends list, visitors, and lurkers!  It is Tuesday, which means that it is the weekly $5 Sketch Day that I host on this blog. So, come on in, make yourselves comfortable, and leave your one word prompts.

1)  For $5, I will create a sketch for every prompt left.

2)  For $8, I will create two sketches. 

3)  The first three prompts will be free.

4)  Every person who leaves five linkbacks (via LiveJournal, Facebook, Tumblr, etc) will get a free sketch in addition to the one paid for.  And yes, if you are one of the first three to leave a prompt and also give linkbacks, you'll get two sketches for free! 

5)  Paid sketches from US-based prompters will also receive a free mini-print (4x6) of the sketch in the mail.  Be sure to PM me with your contact details if you want the print!  Sorry, this only applies to prompters in the US.  

I'll stop taking requests at 5 p.m. CST; at that point I'll start screening comments for this post. Also, please allow time for me to get to your prompt, especially if there are a lot of prompters. I will make every effort to get to all of the prompts today; barring that, tomorrow. Again, it depends on how many prompts I receive. 

Please, no fan art requests, due to legal concerns.

Previously, I held weekly Free Sketch Days on this blog.  I can no longer afford the time and energy to create a large number of prompted sketches for free on a weekly basis, but that's not to say that I won't periodically hold a Free Sketch event, where I take a handful prompts for a few hours every now and again.  Be sure to stay tuned for those events!  

Don't forget to leave your one-word prompts in the comments of this entry when you pay!

$5 Sketch Day

Some sketches from previous Sketch Days.

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2012-10-20 03:44 pm

Getting back in the game

I've been getting myself back into the game artistically since getting back to Texas.  I have yet to dip back into the crowdfunding, though, and I'm afraid it has more to do with a lack of confidence than a lack of desire or need.  

I desperately need to raise prices, because I need the money--especially after the insane number of medical bills I have incurred and am still incurring--but I'm afraid I'm going to shoot myself in the foot by doing so.  I have tentative plans.  For one, I'm considering hosting weekly $5 Sketch Days, rather than Free Sketch Days, but taking the first five prompts for free.  Detailed black and white drawings will ordinarily go for $50 and up, depending on complexity, and Discounted Character Portrait Days will be re-instated on a periodic basis at $30 per portrait.  I'll also offer story illustration, both black and white and color, for $50 and up.

I have to remind myself that even these prices are very low for a professional, but I still have this nagging voice in the back of my head that tells me my work isn't good enough to charge that much, that no one will want to pay that much.  It's a voice that I'm determined to ignore.  

I hope to be delving back into the crowdfunding sometime this coming week.  I may test the waters with a $5 Sketch Day.

But anyway!  I also come bearing artwork.  Paintings and fan art sketches.  As always, click for larger.

Ghostlight.  This is for sale as a print Here.

Woman of the Mists.  This is for sale as a print Here.

Dean Winchester from Supernatural.

The Eleventh Doctor, from Doctor Who 

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2012-03-07 09:48 pm

Crowdfunding Pieces Update

So, over the past two days, I've done some work on the three crowdfunding pieces I have currently in production, as well as the Prize Drawing piece.  

As I mentioned previously, I've finished "Starcrossed."  

I did the flat colors for "Trickster."

I worked on the background cliffs in the waterfall painting. 

And, I did the inks on "Firespirit."  This is being done for the winner of the last prize drawing, and will be available to the general public.

All three of these crowdfunded pieces are still open for funding!  U.S. Contributors who contribute $3 or more will receive a complimentary print of the image they helped to fund from Zazzle, and all contributors will receive a full-sized image download.  (Size of print depends on amount of contribution; sizes start at 4x6.)  Once a piece is fully funded, the full sized image will be released to the public.

Current funding stats are as follows:

"Starcrossed": $4 of $40
"Trickster": $0 of $40
Waterfall painting (as yet untitled):  $0 of $100

If you would like to contribute to any or all of these projects, click the "Tip Jar" icon, which will take you to PayPal.  Please be sure to leave me a message to let me know who you are and what you're contributing to, so I can be sure to send you your perks!

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2012-03-07 02:21 pm

Pimp Your Projects!

So, today, I'm caretaking for my grandmother.  I hope to be able to do a little artwork this evening, and maybe post some updates.  

But at the moment, I don't have my Wacom hooked up, and my laptop battery is starting to get a bit low, so I thought I'd do a post where everyone can pimp their own projects.  So drop by and leave project descriptions, pictures, excerpts, whatever you like in the comments!  Free advertising!  Have at it!
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2012-03-05 11:00 pm

Artwork Complete: "Starcrossed"

So, I'd been procrastinating on "Starcrossed" because, well, I was working on other things and it was really promising to be a quick project.  

I decided to go ahead and finish it up tonight.  It's not really a digital-ink-and-color piece, but I'm offering it for $40 anyway since it was a very quick digital painting.  

Here's a small, watermarked preview.  If it is fully funded, it will be released to the general public as a free, full size, high resolution download.  Any contributors will also receive a download, and U.S. contributors who contribute $3 and over will receive a complimentary print (size depends on contribution amount).

Funding currently stands at $4 of $40.

If you would like to contribute to this project, please click the "Tip Jar" icon below, which will take you to PayPal.

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2012-02-27 10:30 pm

"Trickster" update

"Trickster" has been inked!

Click the thumbnail to go to the landing page for current crowdfunding projects, which links to the full sized images currently in production.

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2012-02-14 10:24 am

Free Sketch Day

Good morning, friends list, visitors, and lurkers! Once again, it is Tuesday, which means that it is the weekly Free Sketch Day that I host on this blog.

But this time, I'm going to be doing things a little bit differently.

Free Sketch Day is now a two day event!  From 10 a.m. Tuesday until 10 p.m. Wednesday, I will be taking one word prompts.

FSD will always be free of the obligation to pay, however, I am going to be instating a number of new tip incentives both collectively and individually, as detailed below.

Tip tally amounts (collective tips):

$0-- Everyone gets one free sketch based on a one word prompt.
$25- Everyone either gets 2 sketches based on one word prompts, or 1 digitally inked sketch based on a prompt.
$50-- Everyone gets 2 digitally inked sketches based on one word prompts.
$200-- 1 out of the 2 digitally inked sketches for each prompter will be fully colorized.
$300-- Everyone gets 2 digitally inked and colorized sketches.

Individual tipper incentives (Please take note that I can only ship in the US at this time.  If you live in another country, I will be able to send you a download, but I just can't afford to send out prints that will cost $13 or more to ship):

$3- $10-- One 6x4 unframed Photo Print of your choice and a high res download.
$11- $30-- Two 6x4 unframed Photo Prints of your choice, or one 10x8 unframed Photo Print and high res downloads.
$31- $80-- Two 10x8 unframed Photo Prints and high res downloads.
$81 and up -- One 10x8 Framed and Matted Photo Print (standard frame, standard matte) and high res downloads.
(Images may be resized or cropped to fit the print sizes)

A few notes:

1)  I'm going to stop taking fan art prompts, or interpreting prompts as fan art, just to be legally safe.

2)  If you leave a prompt, I would be very grateful if you spread the word about FSD in whatever way seems best to you.  I'm not going to make it a requirement, but more people visiting FSD means a greater likelihood that everyone will be getting color sketches!  

3)  I'm not going to be creating artwork in real time anymore, as I'm going to be holding this over a two-day period.  I will, however, get to each request in a reasonable amount of time (which will vary depending on whether or not it is a quick sketch, a digitally inked sketch, or a color sketch).  

Also, once a month, I will hold a prize drawing for one piece of free digitally inked and colorized artwork based on the FSD prompt of the winner's choice.  January's winner was [ profile] minor_architect, who will be receiving this illustration when completed:

And that's about it. Have at it!

Some sketches from previous FSDs

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2012-02-13 07:30 pm

Current Crowdfunded Projects Landing Page

Update: 3/5/12:  "Starcrossed" has been completed.  Funding currently stands at $4 of $40.

UPDATE:  2/27/12
"Trickster Fae" has been inked! (Click for full size)

This is the landing page for my three current crowdfunding projects.  I will continuously link back here with updates.

The center image is the only one with a title-- "Trickster."  If any of you have suggestions for the other two, feel free to comment!

Current status of each (clicky to enlarge):

The funding goals for these three images are:

Waterfall:  $100
Trickster fey:  $40
Kissing couple:  $40

Funding stats:
"Trickster": $0 of $40.
"Starcrossed": $4 of $40
Waterfall painting (as yet unnamed):  $0 of $100.

If you would like to contribute to any or all of these projects, please click the "Tip Jar" icon below.  Also, please be sure to leave me a comment or a PM to let me know you contributed, and for what project, so I can be sure to send you prints of the projects you contributed to when they are complete!  (Sorry, I can only do U.S. shipping at this time-- I can't afford international rates)  When a project is fully funded, the full sized image will be released to the public.

Any contributors will receive the full size, high res file in a link, and U.S. based contributors will receive a print of the project they donated to.  Size of print depends on donation.

I'll also use this as the landing page for "Firespirit," the Prize Drawing piece I'm creating for [ profile] minor_architect.

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2012-02-10 07:36 pm

Status update for the week of 2/6-2/10

It's been a very productive week, with three character portraits completed, fourteen sketches for Free Sketch Day, and two crowdfunding projects and a prize drawing illustration started.

Character Portraits:

From left to right (from the last two weeks):  [ profile] timelord1's Rowenne Kennock and Jaerus, [ profile] ellenmillion's Torn World character Ivarra, [ profile] timelord1's creature the Uilebheist, and [ profile] just_the_ash's character Angamarth.


Prize Drawing Illustration:

I completed the line art for [ profile] minor_architect's prize drawing illustration.  I'm calling this one Firespirit. (Note: nudity, so full size sketch is not work safe!)

Crowdfunded pieces:

Blocked in the flat colors over the sketch for the waterfall painting, as yet untitled.

And completed the line art for Trickster.

Remember, the waterfall painting and "Trickster" are open for crowdfunding!  Contribute to whichever one you like by clicking the "Tip Jar" icon.  Be sure to specify what you want tips to go toward, and let me know what your LJ ID is so I can keep track of everyone and send out perks when they're ready.

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2012-02-07 10:05 am

Results: Prize Drawing and Next Crowdfunding Projects

[ profile] minor_architect won the Prize Drawing yesterday!  This person will receive a digitally inked and colorized image based on the below image (click to enlarge):

As no one voted for the next crowdfunding pieces, I will begin work on these three:


The first one (the landscape) will be digitally painted, and the other two will be digitally inked and colorized.  
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2012-02-06 10:15 am

Vote for Next 3 Crowdfunded Pieces

So, to give a bit more variety, I thought I'd test working three crowdfunded pieces simultaneously. I will be doing two digitally inked and colorized pieces and one digital painting. And you guys get to vote on what I'll be doing!

So, go check out my last two FSD compilation posts, linked to here, and vote for three images each. The winners will be the next projects I commence with. Voting closes at 10 p.m. tonight, and results will be announced tomorrow at 10 a.m.

January 17
January 31
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2012-02-01 09:00 pm

Voting for Rose and Bay Awards is open!

Hello, guys!  Just dropping a quick post to let you all know that voting is now open for certain categories in the Rose and Bay Awards over on [ profile] crowdfunding

Voting is currently open for :  
Web Comic

Go, take a look at the incredible talent spotlighted there, and vote for your favorites!
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2012-01-27 09:10 pm

Update and new art

Well, the sinus infection seems to have eased up a bit.  Still feeling a bit "bleh" but mostly better, I hope.

Will probably do Free Sketch Day next week, and Character Portrait Days.  I might also start a new crowdfunding project based on FSD prompts, but I might do that the following week instead.  Or maybe I can start work on two or three of the runner-ups that were voted for?  What do you guys think?  Several projects in the works at once, so people have an opportunity to fund and/or follow the ones they like the most?  Yes, I'm still trying to figure out the best way to work this crowdfunding model.  It's sort of new territory for me in practice, though I've been familiar with it in theory for some time.

Edit:  Also, I'm considering what to do about the exorbitant shipping rates on Zazzle.  Since I went ahead and bought a paid account on there, basic shipping is free for me, so I may just set up a page for people to pay here and let me manually ship their prints and other orders, rather than have them pay insane shipping rates.  Much cheaper for people wanting prints and such.

Caught up on the last of last week's character portraits today.  Both of these are [ profile] timelord1's characters.   Left is "Firthlun" and to the right is "Adonais."  As always, click for larger versions.

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2012-01-25 10:58 pm

Artwork complete-- "Frozen"

"Frozen" is now complete!

Tomorrow, I will be uploading to Zazzle so I can send out photo prints to people who contributed to this project.  I will also upload it to ImageKind, so it will be available on a variety of professional-quality prints as well, including canvas prints.  

I'm going to post a small, watermarked thumbnail version and a larger detail clip.  The image is half-funded; another $20 will completely fund the piece, at which point I will make the full size, full resolution file available for everyone to download for printing, desktop use, what have you.  Contributors also get a complimentary mini photo print from Zazzle if they so wish.

Thank you to everyone for your support and enthusiasm!

large detail crop below cut. )

To contribute to this project, click the Tip Jar icon.

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2012-01-23 04:22 pm

For those sci fi lovers on my page

In searching for projects to nominate for this year's Rose and Bay Awards, I stumbled on this little gem:

(From the Wikipedia article) "Pioneer One is a 2010 American web series produced by Josh Bernhard and Bracey Smith.[1][2][3] It has been funded purely through donations, and is the first series created for and released on BitTorrent networks.... A mysterious spaceship enters Earth's atmosphere, triggering a massive response from the American government."

Just watched the preview.  It looks extremely well done!  I would nominate it, but it was released in 2010 and so isn't eligible this year.

Here's a link to the official page with the preview and free download links (streaming is available for a small financial contribution as well):

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2012-01-17 11:58 am

Free Sketch Day

Today's Free Sketch Day is now closed.  Comments are now screened.  I will continue finishing up the prompts that were left today, and will post them as comments here and to a separate entry later.  Thank you to all who participated today!

Good morning (or afternoon, as it were), friends list, visitors, and lurkers! Once again, it is Tuesday, which means that it is the (somewhat) weekly Free Sketch Day that I host on this blog.

So, come on in, make yourselves comfortable, and leave your one word prompts. I will create a free sketch for every prompt left. You can leave more than one prompt if you want, but do be aware that I'm only one person and that there are others waiting for sketches as well, so please be reasonable and considerate with the number of requests. :) I'll stop taking requests at 5 p.m. CST; at that point I'll start screening comments for this post. Also, please allow time for me to get to your prompt, especially if there are a lot of prompters. I will make every effort to get to all of the prompts today; barring that, tomorrow. Again, it depends on how many prompts I receive.

FSD (Free Sketch Day) will ALWAYS be free of the obligation to pay; however, I am going to add a Tip Jar to the bottom of each weekly post. The funds accrued from these tips will go to funding a finished piece, either a refined drawing, an ink-and-color drawing, or a digital painting depending on how much has been put in the Jar. Note:  My current crowdfunding project is a digitally inked and colorized piece,"Frozen," so all tips will go towards that piece unless otherwise specified by the contributor. 

Also, once a month, I will hold a prize drawing for one piece of free digitally inked and colorized artwork based on the FSD prompt of the winner's choice.

And that's about it. Have at it!

Some sketches from previous FSDs

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2012-01-15 08:03 pm

"Frozen" update!

"Frozen" is now inked!  

This project is half funded.  Another $20 will fund the colorization.  All donors will receive a full sized image link of the final piece whether the piece is fully funded or not, as well as a 6x4 photo print from Zazzle if they choose to opt in for it.  

Click the image to see a larger size.  Click here for a full sized inked image:

Click the Tip Jar icon if you would like to contribute to this project. Please remember to give your LJ username and specify that you're helping to fund "Frozen" so I know who contributed and to what.  Also, if you would like one of the prints mentioned above as a donor perk, please PM me to let me know where to send it.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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2012-01-14 04:09 pm

"Frozen" Line Art complete

The lineart is complete for "Frozen!"

Crowdfunding contributions currently stand at $18.  Just $2 more will fund the digital inking.  Another $20 after that will fully fund the project.

Thank you for everyone who is participating! For the landing page of this project, look here.  

Click the image for a larger size.  And here is a link to the full-size, full resolution image.

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2012-01-14 10:49 am

New Crowdfunding Project: Frozen

Good morning, friends list, lurkers, and visitors. :)

So, yesterday, I held a vote for which sketch from the compiled Free Sketch Day offerings that I would open up for crowdfunding as a full-color piece.

"Frozen" is the winner!

(Click thumbnail to enlarge)

*  I will be digitally inking and colorizing "Frozen," a $40 value.

*  The first $5 will release the detailed, full sized line art.  However, I have stated previously that tips from previous FSD's will go towards funding a finished piece that will be voted on, and I have accrued $8 in tips.  So I will release the line art as soon as it is complete.

*  When contributions reach $20, I will release the digitally inked image.

*  When contributions reach $40, I will complete the colors on the piece, and will post the full sized, high resolution image to this blog.  

*  Contributors will receive a complimentary small (6x4) photo print from Zazzle.  If you contribute, or have contributed, and DO want the photo print, please send me an email or PM with your contact info so I can send it to you!  If you would prefer not to give out your contact info and so don't want the photo print, just let me know.  Other sized prints will also be available for separate purchase.

How to Crowdfund this project:

1)  Click the Tip Jar icon at the bottom of this post.  It takes you to a PayPal page.  Any amount is okay-- even a dollar can go towards funding the project.  Please do include your LJ ID in the notes on the PayPal form, so I know who you are.

2)  Please drop me a PM to let me know you're contributing to this particular project, if you would like a photo print, and if so, where to send it.

3)  When the crowdfunding goal of $40 is met, I will be sure to make a post to that effect.  If someone still wants to contribute beyond that point, the funds will go towards the next piece that will be voted on and opened up for crowdfunding. 

Did you vote for a piece that didn't win this week?  For my next project, once this piece is completed, I am going to compile the pieces that were voted for this week, and set them to a secondary vote.  


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2012-01-13 01:23 pm

Free Sketch Day prompts-- Vote for Crowdfunded Piece

Voting is now closed.  Taking comments to screened.  Thank you so much for participating!  "Frozen" is the winner; I'm currently writing an entry for this crowdfunding project, so say tuned!

As most of you know, I've held weekly Free Sketch Days off and on for the last couple of months. They have done quite well, actually. You guys have some wonderful prompts! I've had to put them on hiatus for the time being due to some very time consuming family issues, but things are starting to even out slightly, so I may be able to resume them next Tuesday.

I'm still sort of learning my way around the crowdfunding business model, and have tried a number of things with varying degrees of success. One thing I had hoped to accomplish with Free Sketch Day is a number of completed, crowdfunded works of art, based on your prompts.

So, today, I'm going to hold a vote. I'll post links to each sketch compilation post from the first FSD, so you can vote on which one you'd like to see as a crowdfunded piece. Tomorrow, I'll count up the votes. The one with the most votes will be opened up as my next crowdfunding project, a digitally inked and colorized piece of art.  

The piece that is chosen will be completed in stages that will be posted to this blog. The first five dollars will fund digitally "penciled" line art, refined from the sketch. When funding reaches $20, I will complete the digital inking. When it reaches $40, I will complete the colorization and post a high resolution image for everyone to download. Contributors will receive a complimentary small (6x4) photo print from Zazzle of the completed image unless otherwise specified. Other print sizes will be available for separate purchase as well.  (If you contribute, please let me know in a PM if you want the complimentary print, and if so, where to send it!  Also be sure to specify that you're contributing to this particular crowdfunding project so I can keep track of everything.)

(Please be aware that even though I've done some fan art sketches for FSD, I can't take them on as paid projects, so I won't include them in the vote. Also, "Transcend" was completed already for a prize drawing, so that also will not be included.)

Here are the links:

Please place votes in comments on this entry. One vote per person, please.  :)