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Birthdate:Jul 28
Location:United States of America
Greetings; I'm Amy, also known as Amyla.

I am the artist and writer who is responsible for the fusion of artwork and character writing that is Aeternal Eckho, which continues to be an ever-evolving work in progress. I am also to blame for numerous paintings, a few short stories when the compulsion hits, and the occasional poem when all else fails. I am also a compulsive blogger, or rather, I greatly enjoy putting my thoughts into semi-coherent works of often abstract word-art when I have such thoughts that I am willing to share. And other times, I just like to ramble or rant. I'm a wandering minstrel, except for the minstrel part. Perhaps I'm a bard, but that sounds too ostentatious. Okay, so I like to travel and make stories and pictures. I like the feeling of putting my feet on ground that most people never have the inclination to travel to in their hurried, urban lives; I love to stare slack-jawed at vast panoramas of ancient wilderness and primal, mist-draped forest and jagged peaks. I feel connected to them somehow, a part of them. Sometimes I sing to the animals, but don't tell anyone. I like to touch the surface of the air with my fingertips and watch it ripple like water, wondering what lies beneath the waves. When I walk fast-paced down the hill to go to work, for a brief second, every day, I let myself pretend to fly. I paint with light and pixel, and sometimes, with paint. I write and paint what fascinates me. Often, my words paint pictures and my art tells stories.

I take commissions and practice crowdfunding; for more information, please see this post.

On my friending policy: I am pretty much open to anyone who wants to friend me, as long as you're not a spam bot. A note dropped in a comment would be lovely, but it's not a requirement. I love making new friends and will probably add you in return. (Do be aware that some of my artwork contains partial or complete nudity, though I keep the full-nude images under cuts with warnings.)

And, just as a note, please be aware that I will not permit intolerance and hate of any kind on this LJ. If you have prejudices based on sexual orientation, race, religious preference, or anything of the sort, keep it off this blog. So far, I've not had any problem with that, and I hope to keep it like that.

All content on this blog belongs to me. Please do not use without permission.

My Gallery Site: Gallery of Shadows and Reflections

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