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[ profile] ysabetwordsmith held a Poetry Fishbowl yesterday.  Go, check out her blog and read some of the wonderful poems in various genres that have been released!  She also has a list of unsold poetry that is currently available for sponsorship.
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[ profile] ysabetwordsmith has finished her microfunded free-verse poem "The Inescapable Agony of Being" based on a prompt I gave her.  It is about aliens who masquerade as human, far from home.  It is incredibly poignant.  

Go, read!
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If one can unravel these delirious ramblings,
Illuminate the riddle,
Unearth the mystery of old—
These images, these trapped spirits of fleshless eternity
That linger just behind the eyes,
Just past bloodstained words,
A stumbling step into a half-forgotten dream:

Of fire and ash-choked wind,
Of tears falling into a blackened pool,
Of crystals that capture the eyes with stolen light.
The song that was carried on the wind.
The eternity-endless-black depths of a raven's eye
As it looked upon the broken angel in the snow.
Flight and fury and prismatic dance.
Dauntless time, empty time. Meaningless time.
Whispers in the night, caresses of dreams alive, living, dreaming.

Do you know? Do you understand?
Has the song awakened once more,
Within shells battered and barren,
Ceaselessly stumbling,
But housing That which Came Before,
And That which is Yet to Be?

What is the Tide bringing?
Why does the path seem so dark?
Destiny is Choice
Honesty with Fortitude,
With Heart,
With purity of soul,

Does Love weave this song?

A poem

Feb. 19th, 2009 02:34 pm
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Flaming petals rise as I
Kneel in blackened earth
Scraping, scratching
Scorched earth burning grieving fingers
Searching for cloven heart
Half a heart
Smoke rises
Incense of death
Sacrifice of rebirth
Golden bloom meets red
Sleep, dream, awake...
Still with cloven heart
Far I wander, far I search
Memory is as drifting incense
Light of day should not blind so!
A formless voice beckons
As ghostly bindings tighten
With beauty agonized enraptured
I grasp at smoke
Breathe of curling incense
Dream of whispering breezes that tickle my lips
And echo of the cloven heart


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