Jan. 14th, 2012

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Good morning, friends list, lurkers, and visitors. :)

So, yesterday, I held a vote for which sketch from the compiled Free Sketch Day offerings that I would open up for crowdfunding as a full-color piece.

"Frozen" is the winner!

(Click thumbnail to enlarge)

*  I will be digitally inking and colorizing "Frozen," a $40 value.

*  The first $5 will release the detailed, full sized line art.  However, I have stated previously that tips from previous FSD's will go towards funding a finished piece that will be voted on, and I have accrued $8 in tips.  So I will release the line art as soon as it is complete.

*  When contributions reach $20, I will release the digitally inked image.

*  When contributions reach $40, I will complete the colors on the piece, and will post the full sized, high resolution image to this blog.  

*  Contributors will receive a complimentary small (6x4) photo print from Zazzle.  If you contribute, or have contributed, and DO want the photo print, please send me an email or PM with your contact info so I can send it to you!  If you would prefer not to give out your contact info and so don't want the photo print, just let me know.  Other sized prints will also be available for separate purchase.

How to Crowdfund this project:

1)  Click the Tip Jar icon at the bottom of this post.  It takes you to a PayPal page.  Any amount is okay-- even a dollar can go towards funding the project.  Please do include your LJ ID in the notes on the PayPal form, so I know who you are.

2)  Please drop me a PM to let me know you're contributing to this particular project, if you would like a photo print, and if so, where to send it.

3)  When the crowdfunding goal of $40 is met, I will be sure to make a post to that effect.  If someone still wants to contribute beyond that point, the funds will go towards the next piece that will be voted on and opened up for crowdfunding. 

Did you vote for a piece that didn't win this week?  For my next project, once this piece is completed, I am going to compile the pieces that were voted for this week, and set them to a secondary vote.  


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The lineart is complete for "Frozen!"

Crowdfunding contributions currently stand at $18.  Just $2 more will fund the digital inking.  Another $20 after that will fully fund the project.

Thank you for everyone who is participating! For the landing page of this project, look here.  

Click the image for a larger size.  And here is a link to the full-size, full resolution image.  http://amyla.webs.com/frozenlineart.jpg


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