Jan. 17th, 2012

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Good morning to you, friends list, visitors, and lurkers.  :)  How is everyone today.

I'm... rather out of it.  Somehow I ended up sleeping late.  I usually wake up without an alarm but my brain was like, "No way, lady, you're sleeping!" this morning.   I suppose maybe I needed it.  I've been up for a little while now but have not yet had coffee; it's brewing as I write this.  (And my coffee-deprived brain tried to type "write" as "right," to give you an idea of how completely "with it" I am before I've had my first caffeine jolt of the day!)

However, the situation with my grandmother is calming quite a bit.  She's able to walk with her walker by herself most (not all) of the time, and her bathroom trips have also decreased in frequency, so I'm able to put more time to the things I'm working on.  Consequently, I'm going to hold Free Sketch Day today!  I'm not open for prompts yet, because I seriously need that coffee first, but I'll put up the FSD post in a little while.

"Frozen" is being colorized.  Flat colors are complete!  I'll be adding shadow and light... possibly this evening, or in between FSD prompts.  The finished artwork will be sent to everyone who contributed to the project in both a high resolution file (or link to the image) and in a small photo print from Zazzle.  I'll also put it up for sale as various sized prints on ImageKind.  I'll post a small watermarked preview and some detail shots here along with the ImageKind link when it's ready, unless it's fully funded by then, in which case I'll post a link to the full sized file as well for public use.  :)

Tomorrow is another Discounted Character Portrait Day!  I'll be offering black and white, head and shoulders portraits of your characters for $5.  Color portraits will also be heavily discounted, so gather your character descriptions and drop by tomorrow to request your artwork.

Anyway, I think that coffee's probably about ready, so I'm going to close this for now.  Stay tuned for FSD!
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Today's Free Sketch Day is now closed.  Comments are now screened.  I will continue finishing up the prompts that were left today, and will post them as comments here and to a separate entry later.  Thank you to all who participated today!

Good morning (or afternoon, as it were), friends list, visitors, and lurkers! Once again, it is Tuesday, which means that it is the (somewhat) weekly Free Sketch Day that I host on this blog.

So, come on in, make yourselves comfortable, and leave your one word prompts. I will create a free sketch for every prompt left. You can leave more than one prompt if you want, but do be aware that I'm only one person and that there are others waiting for sketches as well, so please be reasonable and considerate with the number of requests. :) I'll stop taking requests at 5 p.m. CST; at that point I'll start screening comments for this post. Also, please allow time for me to get to your prompt, especially if there are a lot of prompters. I will make every effort to get to all of the prompts today; barring that, tomorrow. Again, it depends on how many prompts I receive.

FSD (Free Sketch Day) will ALWAYS be free of the obligation to pay; however, I am going to add a Tip Jar to the bottom of each weekly post. The funds accrued from these tips will go to funding a finished piece, either a refined drawing, an ink-and-color drawing, or a digital painting depending on how much has been put in the Jar. Note:  My current crowdfunding project is a digitally inked and colorized piece,"Frozen," so all tips will go towards that piece unless otherwise specified by the contributor. 

Also, once a month, I will hold a prize drawing for one piece of free digitally inked and colorized artwork based on the FSD prompt of the winner's choice.

And that's about it. Have at it!

Some sketches from previous FSDs


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