Jan. 23rd, 2012

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So it seems all this erratic weather we've been having has caught up with me in the form of an absolutely lovely sinus infection.  I literally spent half the day in bed with a raging headache and... other issues.  lol... 

I'm terribly behind on artwork.  I might be able to put in a little time tonight.  

I actually have a few posts I'd like to make here today, but my brain is mush and I'm not sure they'd be very legible.  However, one thing I plan to do today is to head over to the 2012 Rose and Bay Awards landing page and put in some nominations.  It's an annual award for excellence in cyberfunded creativity-- go, check it out, and if you know any crowdfunded projects (writing, webcomics, etc-- even patrons) that you think deserve a nomination, please go do so!

Another thing I wanted to write about, but just don't have the presence of mind to do in a coherent fashion, is ACTA.  I usually try to keep politics and such off this blog, but I think this is something that effects everyone, and it's not getting the attention that SOPA was getting.  This is an international (not just European) "Trade Agreement" that has many disturbing connotations for our rights both online and off.    Please take the time to read these links and do whatever it is you feel you need to do in response.


Okay, I'm off to start writing up some R&BA nominations, and then to hit the Wacom for some artwork.  Later!
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In searching for projects to nominate for this year's Rose and Bay Awards, I stumbled on this little gem:

(From the Wikipedia article) "Pioneer One is a 2010 American web series produced by Josh Bernhard and Bracey Smith.[1][2][3] It has been funded purely through donations, and is the first series created for and released on BitTorrent networks.... A mysterious spaceship enters Earth's atmosphere, triggering a massive response from the American government."

Just watched the preview.  It looks extremely well done!  I would nominate it, but it was released in 2010 and so isn't eligible this year.

Here's a link to the official page with the preview and free download links (streaming is available for a small financial contribution as well):


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