Feb. 7th, 2012

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[livejournal.com profile] minor_architect won the Prize Drawing yesterday!  This person will receive a digitally inked and colorized image based on the below image (click to enlarge):

As no one voted for the next crowdfunding pieces, I will begin work on these three:


The first one (the landscape) will be digitally painted, and the other two will be digitally inked and colorized.  
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Today's Free Sketch Day is now closed; comments on this entry will be set to screened.  Thank you as always to everyone who participated!  I will continue working on prompts throughout the day as I have the time; I will get to all of you by tonight.  

Good morning, friends list, visitors, and lurkers! Once again, it is Tuesday, which means that it is the (somewhat) weekly Free Sketch Day that I host on this blog.

So, come on in, make yourselves comfortable, and leave your one word prompts. I will create a free sketch for every prompt left. You can leave more than one prompt if you want, but do be aware that I'm only one person and that there are others waiting for sketches as well, so please be reasonable and considerate with the number of requests. :)  Today, as I have to handle a caretaker shift for an unwell family member, I will need to close for prompts at 3 pm CST; at that point I'll start screening comments for this post.

FSD (Free Sketch Day) will ALWAYS be free of the obligation to pay; however, I am going to add a Tip Jar to the bottom of each weekly post. The funds accrued from these tips will go to funding finished digitally inked and colorized artwork.  

Also, once a month, I will hold a prize drawing for one piece of free digitally inked and colorized artwork based on the FSD prompt of the winner's choice.

And that's about it. Have at it!

Some sketches from previous FSDs


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