Feb. 13th, 2012

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I have some art things to work on today, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to get to them.

I was awakened abruptly this morning by what sounded like the house being bombed.  But no, it was actually the ceiling in the upstairs bathroom, right next to my bedroom, caving in.  The concrete ceiling.  

Ah, bad luck is my FAVORITE THING!!!  </sarcasm>  Though I am grateful nobody was in there when that happened, so I suppose the luck is however you perceive it.  

Seriously, though, I'm ready for some good things to happen.  Any day would be nice.

Sometime today, whenever I have the time to do it properly, I'll finish up the post for this week's calendar and put it up on [livejournal.com profile] crowdfunding.  And I'll be working on some artwork if I can manage it.

Mondays.  Gotta love em.
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Update: 3/5/12:  "Starcrossed" has been completed.  Funding currently stands at $4 of $40.

UPDATE:  2/27/12
"Trickster Fae" has been inked! (Click for full size)

This is the landing page for my three current crowdfunding projects.  I will continuously link back here with updates.

The center image is the only one with a title-- "Trickster."  If any of you have suggestions for the other two, feel free to comment!

Current status of each (clicky to enlarge):

The funding goals for these three images are:

Waterfall:  $100
Trickster fey:  $40
Kissing couple:  $40

Funding stats:
"Trickster": $0 of $40.
"Starcrossed": $4 of $40
Waterfall painting (as yet unnamed):  $0 of $100.

If you would like to contribute to any or all of these projects, please click the "Tip Jar" icon below.  Also, please be sure to leave me a comment or a PM to let me know you contributed, and for what project, so I can be sure to send you prints of the projects you contributed to when they are complete!  (Sorry, I can only do U.S. shipping at this time-- I can't afford international rates)  When a project is fully funded, the full sized image will be released to the public.

Any contributors will receive the full size, high res file in a link, and U.S. based contributors will receive a print of the project they donated to.  Size of print depends on donation.

I'll also use this as the landing page for "Firespirit," the Prize Drawing piece I'm creating for [livejournal.com profile] minor_architect.


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