Feb. 28th, 2012

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EDIT 2:  I'm now closed for prompts.  Thanks for participating, everyone!  I will be working on the remainder of the sketches as I have time tomorrow and possibly Friday.  I should have the lot of em completed by the end of the week.  

EDIT:  Thank you to everyone for your prompts!  I will be getting to the rest of you who commented tomorrow (I may do another sketch or two tonight, but mostly I'll save them for tomorrow because I want to make sure I give each sketch a good amount of attention).  Hope everyone has a good night.

Good morning, friends list, visitors, and lurkers! Once again, it is Tuesday, which means that it is the weekly Free Sketch Day that I host on this blog.

This is the new, revamped Free Sketch Day.  There are loads of new tip incentives both collectively and individually, and some new rules.  Please be sure to read everything detailed below!

Free Sketch Day is now a two day event!  From 10 a.m. Tuesday until 10 p.m. Wednesday, I will be taking one word prompts.

FSD will always be free of the obligation to pay, however, I am going to be instating a number of new tip incentives both collectively and individually, as detailed below.

Current Tip Tally: $20

Tip tally amounts (collective tips):

$0-- Everyone gets one free sketch based on a one word prompt.
$25- Everyone either gets 2 sketches based on one word prompts, or 1 digitally inked sketch based on a prompt.
$50-- Everyone gets 2 digitally inked sketches based on one word prompts.
$200-- 1 out of the 2 digitally inked sketches for each prompter will be fully colorized.
$300-- Everyone gets 2 digitally inked and colorized sketches.
Individual tipper incentives (Please take note that I can only ship in the US at this time.  If you live in another country, I will be able to send you a download, but I just can't afford to send out prints that will cost $13 or more to ship):
$3- $10-- One 6x4 unframed Photo Print of your choice and a high res download.
$11- $30-- Two 6x4 unframed Photo Prints of your choice, or one 10x8 unframed Photo Print and high res downloads.
$31- $80-- Two 10x8 unframed Photo Prints and high res downloads.
$81 and up -- One 10x8 Framed and Matted Photo Print (standard frame, standard matte) and high res downloads.
(Images may be resized or cropped to fit the print sizes)

A few important notes:

1)  I'm going to stop taking fan art prompts, or interpreting prompts as fan art, just to be legally safe.

2)  If you leave a prompt, I would be very grateful if you spread the word about FSD in whatever way seems best to you.  I'm not going to make it a requirement, but more people visiting FSD means a greater likelihood that everyone will be getting color sketches!  

3)  I'm not going to be creating artwork in real time anymore, as I'm going to be holding this over a two-day period.  I will, however, get to each request in a reasonable amount of time (which will vary depending on whether or not it is a quick sketch, a digitally inked sketch, or a color sketch).  

Also, once a month, I will hold a prize drawing for one piece of free digitally inked and colorized artwork based on the FSD prompt of the winner's choice.  January's winner was [livejournal.com profile] minor_architect, who will be receiving this illustration when completed:

And that's about it. Have at it!

Some sketches from previous FSDs


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