Mar. 26th, 2012

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Hello, all!  I'm whisking by here to leave a short little update before hitting those very, very late character portraits.

These last few weeks have been difficult.  I've spent the majority of my days caretaking (which I'm sure you all are sick of hearing about for now, and so I won't go into too much detail).  The evenings have seen me struggling with character portraits, drawing and redrawing and redrawing things until I was cross eyed.  Unfortunately, a side effect of stress for me is that nothing I create looks right to me, so artwork tends to be like treading upwater.

I'm trying really, really hard to beat that funk this week.  I warmed up today by starting on a sketch of Taylor Kitsch as John Carter.  It got off to a bumpy start, and I'll finish it up later, but it got my drawing muscles revved up enough to start on the next character portrait on the agenda.  It actually seems to be going rather smoothly so far!  (I really hope I didn't just jinx myself by writing that.)

In other news, I have a few ideas that I may be implementing with this blog in the next few months.  I want to get caught up and find my working rhythm again before adding projects and/or events to the list, though.
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So after almost a month of struggling to create artwork every time I had time to sit down and attempt to work on projects, I finally had a wonderfully smooth day with few interruptions and ACTUAL DRAWINGNESS.

I did rough line art for all-- read it, ya'll, ALL-- of the outstanding character portraits.  All in one day.

I'm gonna post them here because, well, I'm so happy that I actually got something done without, you know, erasing it five thousand times or getting dragged away two minutes after beginning work, that I could scream.

Fair warning-- these images are still very rough.  They need a lot of work.  But I completed stage one of portraiture and kicked serious ass today, so you all get to see them.

If Photobucket ever finishes uploading them, that is.

Several unfinished drawings beneath cut. )


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