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Voting is now closed.  Taking comments to screened.  Thank you so much for participating!  "Frozen" is the winner; I'm currently writing an entry for this crowdfunding project, so say tuned!

As most of you know, I've held weekly Free Sketch Days off and on for the last couple of months. They have done quite well, actually. You guys have some wonderful prompts! I've had to put them on hiatus for the time being due to some very time consuming family issues, but things are starting to even out slightly, so I may be able to resume them next Tuesday.

I'm still sort of learning my way around the crowdfunding business model, and have tried a number of things with varying degrees of success. One thing I had hoped to accomplish with Free Sketch Day is a number of completed, crowdfunded works of art, based on your prompts.

So, today, I'm going to hold a vote. I'll post links to each sketch compilation post from the first FSD, so you can vote on which one you'd like to see as a crowdfunded piece. Tomorrow, I'll count up the votes. The one with the most votes will be opened up as my next crowdfunding project, a digitally inked and colorized piece of art.  

The piece that is chosen will be completed in stages that will be posted to this blog. The first five dollars will fund digitally "penciled" line art, refined from the sketch. When funding reaches $20, I will complete the digital inking. When it reaches $40, I will complete the colorization and post a high resolution image for everyone to download. Contributors will receive a complimentary small (6x4) photo print from Zazzle of the completed image unless otherwise specified. Other print sizes will be available for separate purchase as well.  (If you contribute, please let me know in a PM if you want the complimentary print, and if so, where to send it!  Also be sure to specify that you're contributing to this particular crowdfunding project so I can keep track of everything.)

(Please be aware that even though I've done some fan art sketches for FSD, I can't take them on as paid projects, so I won't include them in the vote. Also, "Transcend" was completed already for a prize drawing, so that also will not be included.)

Here are the links:

Please place votes in comments on this entry. One vote per person, please.  :)


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