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Well, the sinus infection seems to have eased up a bit.  Still feeling a bit "bleh" but mostly better, I hope.

Will probably do Free Sketch Day next week, and Character Portrait Days.  I might also start a new crowdfunding project based on FSD prompts, but I might do that the following week instead.  Or maybe I can start work on two or three of the runner-ups that were voted for?  What do you guys think?  Several projects in the works at once, so people have an opportunity to fund and/or follow the ones they like the most?  Yes, I'm still trying to figure out the best way to work this crowdfunding model.  It's sort of new territory for me in practice, though I've been familiar with it in theory for some time.

Edit:  Also, I'm considering what to do about the exorbitant shipping rates on Zazzle.  Since I went ahead and bought a paid account on there, basic shipping is free for me, so I may just set up a page for people to pay here and let me manually ship their prints and other orders, rather than have them pay insane shipping rates.  Much cheaper for people wanting prints and such.

Caught up on the last of last week's character portraits today.  Both of these are [ profile] timelord1's characters.   Left is "Firthlun" and to the right is "Adonais."  As always, click for larger versions.


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