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Good evening, all.  :)

As promised earlier in the week, tonight I'm going to share a tutorial on drawing human eyes.  This one focuses on female eyes, but can be applied to male eyes with a little tweaking.

So, to start off with, I made some guide lines for myself.  I cannot stress the importance of guide lines for facial features enough-- it is insanely easy to get the features uneven or skewed.  A little planning ahead can avert disaster.

Next I sketch in the top lids. (Note:  Eyes have a tendency to be about one eye-width apart.  That varies slightly between individuals, and perspective can shift that as well)

I sketch in the lower lids and place the brows.

I refine the sketch a little and erase the guide lines.

I draw the top eyelids, suggest the bottom lids, and place the irises.

Now I'm really beginning to refine the line art, tightening up the sketch and blocking in the top lashes.  I also place the pupils.

I lower the opacity on the line art layer, and open a new transparent layer.  On the new layer, using the pencil tool at a low opacity (usually I start off at about 15%, but you can play with it to see what works best) I begin to block in the shadows.  I'm still keeping it very loose at this point.

I continue building the shadows, and start blocking in the brows, pulling the Wacom pen in the direction of the hair growth.  I also start refining the lashes and building the upper and lower lids.

I sketch in the shadows that fall across the eyes (cast by the lashes), and continue refining.

At this point, I use the blend tool (called "Smudge" in Gimp), on a VERY low opacity, and gently smooth out my shadows.  The smudge tool is best used sparingly-- over-use can give the art an odd look.  You want to keep a bit of texture.

As the drawing progresses, my touch becomes more and more delicate, and I shrink my brush to focus on details.  I also build up shadows over the blended areas, and I start to utilize white in my pencil tool to help smooth out shadow transitions and pick out highlights.  I also use the white to bring out the lower lids.

I turn my attention to the irises, utilizing the pencil tool set to white.  My brush is fairly small. I want lighter-colored eyes, so I begin building subtle highlights in the irises, giving them a translucent, shimmering look.  I also lighten the brows with a glaze of low opacity white, and pick out a few thin hairs with a small brush.

I refine the eyelid shadows, and pick out the bright highlights in the eyes.  I then use a very small brush with about medium opacity to draw the delicate lower lashes.

And, that's it!  As always, I'd love to see any drawings you make based on this tutorial.  Link me!

Enjoy this tutorial?  Feel free to leave a tip.  Tips go towards funding finished pieces, and tippers receive perks, such as mini prints of finished crowdfunded artwork!  My current project list can be seen here.


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